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Friday, April 22, 2011

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Please visit the above link to win some CANDY from the CalabasasCandyCo on  Christie Cottage is sponsoring this delicious giveaway!  I don't know about you, but I could definitely use some more candy...I've only lost 24 pounds since Jan. 1st...I need a little reward :)


Flowers, Chicks, and Easter

Spring has sprung, for the most part, in the Fingerlakes region of New York State (except for the snow we had yesterday).  My daffodils look beautiful!  My crocus' were beautiful too, before the chickens made them their lunch one day last week.  My son and I started our tomatoes indoors a few days ago.  I'm not sure that this tomato growing will work, because I always manage to kill them and I always go and buy plants from the Amish down the road anyways. 

We hatched out chicks last week.  We started with 27 eggs in our incubator and by the time the hatching started we were down to 22 that I knew there was something in!  We had 16 hatch in all, so not bad for my second time hatching!  The chickies are adorable little monsters.  They eat like wild beasts, attacking their food as soon as I place it in their humble little box in my basement.  Soon they will be ready to move out into the wilderness, AKA the henhouse in the backyard.  Hope it warms up soon!

This will be my son's third Easter.  I think he has somewhat of an understanding of what will be happening this year.  He doesn't get overly excited about anything, but he does get excited about going to see "Gamma" and "Gampa" and his cousins, "Hannah," "Zazzie" (Lucie), and "Will."  We embark on our great adventure this afternoon when my sister, her husband, and their wild haired dog Biff, stop on the Thruway to pick us up (because I hear that gas is over $4 a gallon pretty close to here).  Hopefully when I get home on Sunday afternoon my bathroom floor will be installed....but that is another story.

Happy Easter Everyone!