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Wednesday, August 25, 2010 I have a blog...

I've been looking at a great deal of other blogs...and people seem to do a really nice job of, well, blogging.  I don't really consider myself to be computer illiterate, but it might be a while until my blog looks halfway decent.  I have lots of opinions and lots to talk about, so we will see where that goes!

The first thing I want to feature from my etsy store is my Reindeer Guys and Gals.  I know, I know, Christmas is still a few months away...but it's never to late to start thinking about it!  These Guys and Girls are machine and hand sewn.  The Gals are 20" from head to toe and the Guys are 27" from antler tip to toe.  They are made from Recycled Denim, Plush Felt, Rice, and Fiber Fill.  They are absolutely adorable!  They sit on shelves, they have a pocket (from actual denim jeans) on the front, they are the cutest little guys (and gals) ever.

Prices vary based on time and materials.  The Guys are $35 due to extra antler sewing, stuffing, sewing, bell addage, etc.  The Gals are $30 because they don't have that extra sewing, stuffing, etc.  If BOTH of these items are bought together during the same transaction, I will refund the buyer $10!  So it's like getting the Guy for $30 and the Gal for $25!  Plus, shipping will be combined too (a total savings of about $5.00 off of regular shipping costs). 

If you have any questions about these guys, please feel free to contact me (an etsy convo is the best way).  Need more of these Guys or Gals?  Let me know and I can get them made (and a discount for multiples).

These Guys and Gals really are cute, but are not intended for children due to bells and beads, etc.  They also are not machine washable...they have rice in their bottoms and I just don't think that the felt would fare well.  But spot washing is A-OK!

Have a great Wednesday!

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