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Saturday, September 4, 2010

I think that Earl had brought craziness to my house...

I am assuming that the rain that is coming down outside is from Earl.  It's's's's rainy...etc.  My rottie pup is bouncing off the walls.  He wants to be outside, but he was neutered two days ago and is supposed to be leash walked and quiet....yeah...that is working out.  He is now "resting" in the laundry room.  That usually consists of shredding something which makes it a lot easier to decide what I should throw out next.  My two year old is acting a lot like the puppy...except he has not asked to go outside yet.  Currently he is scooping up Cheerios off the ground with his little John Deere backhoe toy.  He was just in the window.  And before that was trying to scoop water out of the pan that is soaking in the sink.  My lab is sleeping.  I gave him his allergy medicine and he has zonked.  The dog has terrible allergies.  He loves to run through the weeds out back...then he comes in the house and attempts to chew his skin off.  I don't think Earl is effecting him at all.  Hope that Earl leaves soon...did I mention that my washing machine broke down yesterday?  That's another story!


  1. You have a new follower from the hop! You have a great blog! Come visit Mama's Little Chick.

    Mama Hen

  2. Love your items, teammate! I found your link from Team Discovery's Meet and Greet Mondays. I'm now following your blog :)